Falewitch Construction Services, Inc., was recently approved by the United States Department of Labor – Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to be part of their Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).  Falewitch was given the highest level a company can achieve, STAR status.

OSHA VPP is a program designed to recognize America's safest companies. There are presently only 2000 such employers in the nation in this program. More impressive, Falewitch Construction Services is one of only three companies in their industry classification to be approved for VPP.

Companies in VPP are exempted from routine OSHA inspections levitra generic.

To be accepted into this program, Falewitch Construction Services submitted an application demonstrating proficiency in four basic elements of an effective safety program: 1) management commitment to employee safety and health, 2) employee participation in decision making and administration of safety programs, 3) procedures for hazard identification and control, and 4) safety and health training for executives, managers, supervisors and employees. 

Next, Falewitch had to pass a week long audit conducted by two OSHA Officers in which all records were evaluated, managers and employees were interviewed and job sites were inspected. After passing the audit, Falewitch Construction Services’ application and audit report were sent to Washington DC for final approval.

Every year Falewitch Construction must submit a report to OSHA outlining all safety program improvements, and safety problems or trends being addressed. Then every few year, OSHA conducts another audit to ensure programs are maintained.