Safety: The Keystone of Our Success

Our focus on safety has become a hallmark of our reputation. We believe that it is our duty to ensure that every one of our employees and partners is exposed to a comfortable, secure environment. 

To help ensure we maintain this commitment, we have become accredited at the "Star" level in OSHA's VPP Program.  This program requires a week long audit by a team consisting of two OSHA compliance officers and a special government employee from private industry.  The audit team reviewed our written programs, interviewed our employees and managers, and inspected our jobsites.  Every year we must submit a report outlining any program changes; reviewing all injuries, their causes and planned prevention; and our goals for the upcoming year.  Every three years, an audit team returns for another week long audit.  buy cialis online india

 We have even expanded our efforts to create safety programs for other organizations. For one client, we developed a healthcare-specific training model that addressed the intricate and specific concerns of healthcare environments, including safety and infectious control-risk analysis.

We believe it is part of our mission to share these efforts and to strive to educate others in our industry about safety/risk and strategies on how to implement their own comprehensive programs.  To this end, we:

  • Provide our safety director to act as a special government employee for the United States Department of Labor - OSHA to help audit companies wishing to achieve VPP status.
  • Assist the Great Plains Safety and Health Organization, a partner with the University of Nebraska - Kearney's Safety Center, with training and safety/health audits of small to mid-size companies.
  • Regularly contribute articles for the National Safety Council's Safety Professionals quarterly magazine.